The SDS IDX is designed and built in accordance with Level A Design Specifications on Data Center (GB50174-2017) and TIER IV Standards. Together with it, the SDS has developed and been implementing a sound set of computer-room security management system and process, and guarantees their effectiveness with ISO27001, ISO22301 and National Information Security Level authentication certificates.


With years of experience in serving third-party payment clearing industry, the SDS has earned the trust of dozens of renowned third-party payment clearing companies and started providing hosting services boasting of following features:

  • 3-DCs-in-2-Cities Deployment

    Relying on our data-center resources in Shanghai and Beijing and our unique internet resources, we are able to provide users with some great solutions on the basis of our 3-DCs-in-2-Cities deployment.

  • Network Solutions

    The neutral nature of SDS network operation enables us to provide third-party payment clearing industry with convenient and fast private-line internet connection services that bridging the NetsUnion Clearing (NUCC) platform and the bank operating platforms. In addition, the user’s experience of our customers is ensured with such one-stop supporting services as whole-process follow-up service and assurance services;


    Also, with self-owned BGP Internet Connection and AS number, the SDS will enable users to achieve the real BGP exit connection with any of the networks run by China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile;


    To help users free from DDOS attack threats, the SDS offers effective traffic scrubbing service, with up to 10G scrubbing capacity.