In recent years, driven by the fast development in E-commerce industry, the entire industry has begun putting increasingly higher requirements on IT services, particularly the high reliability, high speed and high flexibility of the IT services from their outsourcing vendors.   


Being the leading data-center and IT service provider in China, SDS has years experience in providing IT services for domestic E-commerce industry and, based on the features of our products and advantageous resources, has created a range of overall IT infrastructure service solutions, covering data-center, network access, Cloud computing and many other value-added services;




  • TIER 4 Standard Data Center, reliable infrastructure, guaranteed 99.995% power supply SLA;
  • Neutral operator; Double-line computer room;
  • E-BGP products designed to help users with North-South connection problem and provide exit routing redundancy at the portals of different network operators;
  • An extensive range of security services, e.g. Anti-DDOS, IPS, to ensure effective defense against network attacks;
  • Value-added management services, e.g. the hardware-included one-stop management service;
  • Well-established management standards;


Data Center Hosting

Being the leading data-center service provider in China, the SDS devotes itself to providing enterprises that are going through their information construction stage with reliable data-center solutions and services and other strong support. To do so, the SDS’s IDX Data-center has painstakingly developed a whole range of secure and reliable infrastructure and, together with it, an excellent operating & maintenance service system that boosts our power supply guarantee to the level of 99.995%. Essentially, the SDS Data-center Hosting Solution offers following features:


  • Full redundancy infrastructure design
  • Total guarantee of power supply and network resources supply
  • Professional O&M Team;
  • Decade-long experience of data-center operating
  • Tight security management system
  • Same-city and double-city disaster recovery centers
  • 99.995% power supply SLA





The SDS E-BGP Access is designed to offer users a high availability private internet access product that enables the interconnection with the portals of multiple network operators in China; In addition to the high stability, high security level and high availability level, it features:


  • Full redundancy double-line access to the networks of top 3 Chinese network providers, i.e. China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile;
  • Multi-line BGP automatic routing, supporting manual optimal setting;
  • Support traffic scrubbing; Start DDOS attack defense at network exit layer;
  • 7*24-hour real-time monitoring plus active alarming;
  • An extensive range of reporting functions and network administration functions;
  • 99.99% power supply SLA (double-line);





Cloud Computing

It is a Private Cloud Platform that SDS developed and built independently to offer users with such features as hyper converged infrastructure (HCI), cross-data-center solution, high reliability, high deployment flexibility, high security, and high regulation compliance level.






Public Cloud Express

Based on our SDN technologies and particularly the 2-layer infranet coverage, the Cloud Express is designed to offer users with flexible, elastic and visualized IDC to Cloud and Cloud to Cloud connection.




Traffic Scrubbing

Seeing E-commerce websites falling victim to DDOS attacks, the SDS particularly deployed an operator-level traffic scrubbing platform in its core network to offer users with effective DDoS attack defense services.


The platform is made up of:


  • Attack Detection Platform
  • Attack Scrubbing Platform
  • Control Management Center