The SHEITC Held a Field Investigation in SDS to Inspect New Infrastructure Work


On September 3rd, 2020, an Inspection Team of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy & Informatization (SHEITC), led by Mr. Wang Yu, the SHEITC’s Trade Union Director, visited SDS and conducted a field investigation. During the day, first Mr. Wang and his team heard a company development report made by Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, the SDS’s GM, and then, both sides exchanged views on many subjects.

During the exchange, Mr. Zhang, the SDS GM, first made clear the SDS’s all-out support toward the Smart Craftsmen Election and Excellent Pioneers Election under the 2020 Shanghai Smart City Program and his expectation for good results. And then, he gave an overall report on the SDS’s recent business performance.

Mr. Zhang said, “The SDS is an innovative communication service provider that is genetically bonded with Zhangjiang Science City. With our strong technological service capacity and extensive experiences, we can and will help enterprises to free themselves from the complexity of technical details and focus on fast digital transformation. In other words, SDS takes it as its mission to power enterprise digital transformation.”

Support the Shanghai Double Center Objectives with SDS New Infrastructure Services

The SDS is committed to providing science and innovation enterprises with excellent data platforms. Based on its Data Centers, Cloud services and New Network services, it has successfully developed a DC-Cloud-Network Integrated IT infrastructure and is therefore able to offer enterprises with a big data platform boasting of high-efficiency cooperation and high-level security and flexibility.

Today, over 1,000 high-tech enterprises in the Zhangjiang Science City, represented by AI, biomedical companies, as well as other scientific and technological innovation companies, have already become the users of the SDS’S world-class services. Our customers includes: Roche Pharmaceuticals, Honeywell, SMIC International, Huahong-NEC Electronics, INFOSYS, IBM, and other industry-leading organizations.

In financial communication service market, the SDS has established a unique competitive edge: the Financial Innovation Service Infrastructure of the Shanghai Financial Center program. Relying on its high-quality, high-security and high-standard services, the SDS has earned the trust from many organizations operating in banking, payment clearing and futures industries.

To develop more high-level products and services, the SDS pays great attention to the human resource development and team-building. On the SDS business platform, there is a strong collaboration team made up of talents working at different levels. During project implementation, the service guideline they must follow is ‘Customer First’. In middle departments, the core objective is to improve ‘Efficiency and Benefits’. In R&D departments, while focusing on developing products with self-owned IPs, people attached great importance to the ‘People Foremost’ management principle. The advantageous human resource is the key driver enabling the SDS to establish and provide technologically advanced modern services!

Development Instructions

First, Mr. Wang expressed his appreciation for the contribution that the SDS had made to the infrastructure development in Zhangjiang Science City through its DC-Cloud-Network Integration products. He said he’s pleased to see the SDS had implemented a series of activities around the development of financial, AI and biomedical technologies under the guideline of “Support New Infrastructure and Serve Shanghai”.

Then, he thanked the SDS for its responsive and generous support toward the Smart Craftsmen Election and Excellent Pioneers Election under the 2020 Shanghai Smart City Program.

In the end, he said that he hoped the SDS could make better use of its superior positions, e.g. a great variety of data services and a large customer base in the financial industry, strengthen the communication and connection with relevant government authorities, and continue promote enterprise sustainable development. In addition, he suggested that the SDS could pay more attention to the Smart Craftsmen Election and boost our human resource development by opening more channels of honors for our employees.


The realization of Smart City depends on the success of digital transformation of all enterprises in society. As one of the essential parts of the New Infrastructure, the data centers could give greater play of the digital power and help enterprise customers achieve intelligent and fast R&D, operation and development.

In this year, the scope of the Elections was expanded for the first time to include the Digital New Infrastructure and online economy sectors. It’s believed that it would effectively engage in the intelligence in data center, Cloud computing and big data industries and release more power to pull up Shanghai’s urban management level.

As an innovation leader in Shanghai Digital New Infrastructure sector, the SDS will give full support to and take an active part in the Elections! It’s our sincere expectation that the future Smart Craftsmen and Excellent Pioneers could lead the collaboration and development of digital transformation of all enterprises across the society, and eventually realize the Vision of ‘Shanghai as a World-Class Smart City’.

Mr. Xie Shuqing (Trade Union Vice Director), Mr. Zhaoming, Mz. Li Nan from SHEITC, Mr. Dai Jianbiao, the President of Shanghai IT Entrepreneur Association, and other leaders in association with SDS also took part in this field investigation and research meeting.

About SDS
As an excellent comprehensive communication and infrastructure service provider, the Shanghai Data Solution (the SDS) is committed to providing enterprises with world-leading high-level communication services, including the data center services, network communication services, Cloud computing services and neutral Cloud inter-connection services.

The SDS has over 20 years of experiences in the construction, operation and maintenance of high-level financial industry oriented data centers. Currently, it has built 6 data centers in China, together with the exclusive ultra fast financial trading network in China, plentiful network access resources and two private Cloud platforms. It has excellent capacity to provide Cloud-Network plus Infrastructure Solutions and is the winner of Shanghai Best Financial Data Center Award.

Based in Zhangjiang, Serve China; The SDS is devoted into providing all sorts of enterprises and institutions with the latest integrated IT services, i.e. the Intelligent IDC + Cloud-Network Service.