Honor: SDS Won the “New Star” Award of “Zhan Lu Award”, the First Industrial Artificial Intelligence Award in the World


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Shanghai Data Solution received the first award in the industrial intelligence world

The New Star of Zhan Lu Award

Award Ceremony, Mr. Zhu Junjie, the SDS Vice GM, giving a speech of thanks


In the evening of July 10, 2020, Shanghai, the “Global Industrial Intelligence Summit”, one of the theme forums of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 Summit Online, was held in success. At the award ceremony session, the SDS proudly received the first industrial intelligence award in the world, the Zhan Lu Award! In this Summit, in response to the calling of ‘converging the intelligence power of the world, in particular, the power of Chinese Solutions, to cope with the challenges before the entire human race and create a better livelihood for all people in the world’, a great variety of frontier technologies, new products, new applications and new concepts were presented generously and competing with each other vehemently. Fortunately, the SDS’s Industrial Cloud service emerged as one of the best solutions in over 100 candidates and was granted with the Zhan Lu New Star Award for the reason of ‘having greatest investment potential’ given by the Commit.

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 Summit Online is a top level international AI conference, a platform devoted to enhancing the cooperation and exchange of world top AI people, and a series event dedicated to advancing and leading the innovation, integration and development of world AI technologies and industries. It is organized and launched by Shanghai Municipal Government with a view to implement the state strategy established in the 19th CPC National Congress, i.e. promote the integration of internet, big data, AI and other advanced technologies with real economy at a higher level, gear up the implementation of the state Innovation-driven Development Strategy, help Chinese real economy better adapt themselves to the latest global science, technology and industrial revolution, and boost the realization of Shanghai’s goal of growing into a Hi-tech center with strong global influence. 

Driven by the integration and development of AI-powered industrial technologies, more and more corporations began seriously considering deploying inn Clouds some of their core company applications, e.g. ERP, CRM, SRM, PLM, etc. As a matter of fact, corporations have a strong urge to complete the digital transformation. Especially, the industrial corporations are eager to have a dedicated Industrial SAP Cloud featuring high performance, stability and consistency with corporate vision so that they could maintain the high efficiency of operations like production scheduling, warehousing, outbound goods handling, truck loading, etc.  

The industrial internet is an important power engine driving forward the digital transformation of corporations. When combined smoothly with the driving power from technological processes, it can help producers establish a new business framework. On the other hand, considering that the new framework will autonomously give birth to a new development path that suits itself, it can be asserted that only those frameworks that could really meet the requirements of all application scenarios may stand a good chance of survival.

Along with the rising of Cloud computing, big data, IOT, AI and other cutting edge technologies, the industrial internet has already been well received and accepted by many of our users. The SDS Industrial Cloud is recognized as a new infrastructure that can effectively enhance industrial integration at a deeper level, help corporations break through the bottlenecks hindering the development of traditional industries with one-stop solutions, empower industrial intelligence transformation in future, and create more value.

The deep integration that the SDS Industrial Cloud boasts of originates from the deep application of internet, Cloud and AI technologies. Specifically speaking, based on an industry-leading SAP digital framework, it could be used for promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructures and empowering the integration, development and upgrading of industrial internets and new-generation infrastructure. More favorably, with practical and feasible implementation solutions, it can help all traditional manufacturers to achieve the transformation of business and operation models and step over the development trap of income.

The Advantages of SDS Industrial Cloud

The SDS Industrial Cloud is originated from the GIO Platform holding original German SAP authentication certificate, featuring Use-As-Needed, Lower Cost, Easy Expansion, High Security, High Flexibility, and Professional Support;

Use-As-Needed and Planning: It doesn’t require too much one time investment. Instead, the user could choose to purchase a year or several months according to actual needs and then scale up processing capacity according to the actual growth of data volume, to enjoy both the maximized resource utilization ratio and the minimized total cost of ownership.

Cost Control: The user may import test, simulating and production resources stage by stage according to budget use and, therefore, save as much investment as possible.

Easy Expansion: Capacity expansion is much easier to achieve online than offline. By moving SAP system on Cloud, the user now has access to almost unlimited resources. Particularly, the user now is able to scale up processing capacity with a few clicks of mouse according to the actual growth of SAP data volume, without compromising any of its key businesses; 

Flexibility: Cloud computing can provide users with great flexibility. For instance, a corporate could choose to add services according to actual business change, or, to start from a very small scale and meet all the current business needs with the smallest possible investment, and then introduce services selectively when the business growth reaches a level that demands expansion. This will help the user maximize the utilization of its business. In terms of provisional test of businesses, the user may simply choose to buy a ready-made on-Cloud SAP system to achieve fast deployment and the best possible agility to accommodate to business changes.

Professional Service: Includes S/4 HANA Sizing, overall network architecture design, overall delivery of S/4 HANA environment, redundancy testing and disaster recovery drills.

Professional Operating & Maintenance: It includes 24/7 professional O&M team support, enabling users to focus on business innovation, IT technology and digital transformation;

Shorter Project Cycle: The SDS Industrial Cloud supports one-click environment delivery, relieves industrial users from wasting time on a long hardware procurement period, and, therefore, largely shortens the overall SAP project cycle.  

Security: SDS has a large professional Security O&M Team and has made great investment in improving the security and safety strategies and the access control, power supply guarantee, temperature and moisture control, water supply and drainage, and electrostatic prevention capacities, as well as the security zone partition, of its data centers. All SDS data centers meet all applicable state security authentication and audit requirements and can ensure the safety and security of all user systems and data.

The New Star Award of Zhan Lu Award represents the recognition and encouragement of our industrial users towards our dedication to providing them with high-quality professional services. Like a magnet, the Zhan Lu Award attracted the attention of top players in industrial internet and AI industries around the world. It is expected that this event that Shanghai presents to the world could play the role of the Oscar Award in the world industrial intelligence technology circle and lead world traditional industries to the fast track of digitalized and intelligent development. As one of the essential part of Digital Infrastructure of industrial internet, the SDS is dedicated to making greater contributions to the formation of an ecosystem integrating Terminal, Network, Cloud and Application, and to the realization of better connectivity, dater center and model innovation.


About SDS

Incorporated in July 1999, the Shanghai Data Solution (the SDS) is one of the most renowned general telecommunication service providers in Shanghai. The SDS is committed to providing new data-center hosting services boasting of internet-network integration, mixed hosting, high availability and high quality supporting services. In the core of its business operations, the services it provides can be categorized into four groups, i.e. Data Center, Cloud Computing, Network Services, and Value-added IT Services. Now, the SDS has Four (4) top-level data centers, Two (2) private Cloud platforms with self-owned patents, One (1) broadband network covering the entire Zhangjiang Science City, and the First fast financial transaction access platform in China.

Over 20 years, the SDS has been continuously investing in developing high-quality services for three vertical industries, namely, the financial industry, biomedicine industry, and hi-tech innovation industry. All companies using our services are top players in the industries. This is where the SDS’s core competitiveness rests on. With its extraordinary innovation capacity and its strong ability to make breakthroughs, the SDS has been able to provide them with a great variety of comprehensive IT solutions and thus recognized among them a great corporative partner helping them to tap the potentials, achieve win-win results, and create future together.


About the 2020 Global Industrial Intelligence Summit

Under the instruction of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic and Informatization, the 2020 Global Industrial Intelligence Summit was sponsored by the World Artificial Intelligence Conference Organization Committee Office, implemented by CAICT (the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology), the Alliance of Industrial Internet, the Industrial Internet Innovation Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and co-sponsored by the UNIDO Shanghai Investment Promotion Center, Shanghai Association of Industrial Internet, Industrial Internet Developer Community, Forbes China, and the Beijing Iyiou Wangmeng Technology Co., Ltd.