Honor: SDS Received ‘2020 Best Financial Cloud Service Provider’ Award


On June 16, 2020, in the Asia Pacific Bank Digital Innovation Summit 2020, the SDS proudly received the “Best Financial Cloud Service Provider” award! Over years, the SDS has been carefully developing the financial info-communication market and actively promoting the integration of new technologies and the industry. Eventually, it launched a successful one-stop financial Cloud platform based on the deep understanding of the industry that it obtained through years of industrial investigation. Now, in this fast changing marketplace, relying on its well-grounded development, the SDS is committed to creating greater possibility for the digital transformation of Chinese finance industry.


Since the beginning of 2020, China has released a lot of new infrastructure policies to guide and promote the construction of new infrastructures, accelerate the digital transformation in traditional industries, and boost the building of Digital China and Digital World. Apparently, as the value producing center of the digital world, the data center is all the more important to the financial industry than ever.

On February 1, 2020, the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Finance, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Supervision Commission and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening Financial Support for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19” (the Notice) and made public the five key elements of the financial support and, more specifically, 30 supporting measures. The implementation of these measures, however, can’t be done properly without strong support and application of the latest financial technologies. In Chinese fight against the pandemic, the financial technologies, particularly the online financial services, have played an extraordinary role in reducing human travel, supporting epidemic prevention and control activities, guarantee the fast development and online launching of new business to help the public dealing with various problems.   

Since the COVID-19 broke out, in a very short time, from 8 hours to one week, all financial institutions in China had launched online dozens of new business service products, e.g. the ‘Emergency Fund Flow Green Passage’, the ‘Epidemic Emergency Response Materials Management System’. As it turned out, these responsive actions have made great contribution to the Chinese anti-pandemic and people’s livelihood guarantee campaigns.  

Behind the great contribution, however, there is a great challenge to the capacity of network infrastructures of all financial data centers. In response to such challenge, the SDS Team did everything they could to get ready for all callings. For instance, the SDS Data Center and Cloud Business teams put themselves to top gear to help financial institutions and all customers to raise the speed and expand the productivity of their online business operations. In the end, such dedication was rewarded with a full-score customer satisfaction ranking to SDS financial Cloud guarantee services! It’s beyond all questions that the SDS is totally worthy of the honor!

SDS Finance Cloud --- Empowering Cloud Service

1  iDESK, a professional ISO22301 disaster recovery office seat service;

2  Remote 24/7 O&M Agent for financial customers;

3  Business continuity online training programs;

4  IDX Cloud Platform support, including Desk Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and other office services;

5  Cloud-Network Integration, including One-stop Public Cloud Access, Multi-point Networking, Network Speed-up and other services;


A Great Variety of Solutions --- Meeting different customer needs

1  Financial Data Disaster Recovery & Financial Data Backup

2  Cloud-Network Integration Solution

3  Business Website V4/V6 Full Support

4  Branch Cloud Desktop Solution

5  Mobile Office Solution


Together with new infrastructure projects come the new opportunities and new driving force that will boost the digital transformation of Chinese financial industry. As always, the SDS will work closely with Chinese financial industry to blaze a way out of this adverse circumstance through innovation, sail through the rough sea of Black Swan events, and leave a new record of industrial digital transformation!


Having ‘Open Banking, AI Bank, Risk Management’ as its theme, the 2020 Asia Pacific Bank Digital Innovation Summit mainly focused on following topics, including how the banks could expedite digital transformation via financial technology innovation; how to construct an open ecological environment and build smart banks, how to use AI, block-chain, Cloud computing, big data, IOT, 5G and other new technologies to boost the digital transformation; and how to find the best market partners, etc. The SDS was honorably given the ‘2020 Best Financial Cloud Service Provider’ award for its excellent Finance Cloud Empowering service and the light it cast into the industrial exchange event.