SDS Remote Financial Service Solution Selected into Official Recommendation List


Honorably, the SDS solution was once again included into the “Remote Operating & Maintenance Solutions Guide”, a Solution Recommendation Series launched in the April Issue (both print and online version) of the Security & Informatization magazine. Below is a reprint of the full text of the original coverage: “Remote Operating & Maintenance Solution Guide --- SDS Remote Financial Service Solution”.


Product Introduction

As China shifts herself from the fight against COVID-19 to the track of resuming production and returning to work, the ability of double-ensuring, i.e. ensuring the protection against the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring a ‘multi-scenario and individualized online work environment’, has become the dividing crest that separates businesses that plunge into mud from those who could fly up high. Offering excellent all-round anti-pandemic plans and five Remote Office Supporting Systems ready for financial institutions to maintain efficient office operating, the SDS Remote Financial Service Solution can be a good way out of such mud.

The all-round remote office solution for financial customers include following components:

01 iDESK, a professional ISO22301 disaster recovery office seat service;


02 Remote 24/7 O&M Agent for financial customers; 

03 Business continuity online training programs;

04 IDX Cloud Platform support, including Desk Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and other office services;

05 Cloud-Network Integration, including One-stop Public Cloud Access, Multi-point Networking, Network Speed-up and other services;


Unique Features

1)The Disaster Recovery Seat: having ISO22301 International Business Continuity Standard authentication certificate, located in the Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, adjacent to the Pudong Financial Distric;

2)Remote Professional Operating & Maintenance Agent for Financial Customers: having ISO27001 Standard authentication certificate, complying with ISO20000 Design Standard, supported by a special SDS Expert Team;

3)Continuous Online Training support: having BCP Asia lecturers as residential trainers, committed to patching up loopholes in business continuity operations, helping customers dealing with possible crisis in advance;

4)IDX Cloud Platform: based on IDX T4 databases, having Level III China National Information Security authentication certificate, ensured info-security guarantee capacity;

5)One-stop Public Cloud Access: all mainstream public clouds, e.g. AWS, Ali, Microsoft, Tencent, Baidu, readily available, also providing remote service Cloud platforms;

6)Networking and Network Speed-up services: Open for operation within seconds, quick establishment of office network;


Anti-pandemic Preferential Term

During the anti-pandemic period, there is available a preferential service package i.e. up to one-month rent-free trial use period;


Product Recommendations

The SDS Remote Financial Solution is an all-round solution, covering the infrastructure of data centers, network services, operating & maintenance services, and business training support. It is designed to match every service needs of every functional point that a customer may expect from a remote service;

1)The Cloud-Network Platform required for providing remote services: There are multiple choices available, including the SDS’s self-owned IDX Cloud, mainstream public Clouds in the market, mixed deployment solutions, multi-location networking, network speed-up, etc. Also available are all the IT supports required for the fast installation of the remote service;

2)The O&M Agent support required for providing remote service: Customers could enjoy the 24/7 bilingual remote operating & maintenance agent support from a special SDS Expert Team, without stepping out of a door;

3)Continuous Improvement required for providing remote service: The BCP Asia lecturers would provide online analysis over ISO22301 business continuity plans with illustrations based on current hot topics to help businesses to achieve all-round self improvement and acquire the capacity of dealing with various disasters and crisis flexibly;


Cases of Success

Customer Application Needs

XX Futures Firm is a wholly-owned risk management subsidiary corporation providing services through 21 operating outlets around the country. But, the Futures Firm finds that it has to deal with following five troubles caused by the scattered locations of its outlets, i.e. centralized management difficulty, long terminal deployment period, poor data security level, great IT support difficulty, high maintenance cost, in addition to an exceptional problem: it needs to meet remote operation needs during the pandemic period and achieve effective management over all outlets while staying indoors;

The value of the SDS Remote Financial Service Solution lies in…:

1.Cloud Hosting service: It relieves customers from the burden of hardware preparation with a variety of Cloud hosting services;

2.Hosted Private Desktop Cloud Framework in consistence with corporate compliance requirements: It includes a Cloud Desktop that provides best possible user experience and a Mobile Office, supports multiple devices and unified management, guarantees data security at different terminals, plus the remote login function that enables employees to work from home easily;

3.Pay-for-Use Cloud Platform: Its high scalability can maximize resource utilization and minimize costs;

4.Hosted Private Cloud Framework: Its high performance, high security level and high flexibility could ensure responsive reaction to the changing business needs;

5.Integrated server, network, storage and desktop virtualizations: What a user needs to do to achieve the delivery of and to use a remote desktop is simply to access from a terminal;

6.24/7 Remote O&M service: It includes Go online via Cloud, Cloud Operating & Maintenance, Data-line Opening and O&M, Upgrading and Capacity Expansion, as well as other one-stop remote operating and maintenance services;

7.One Office Seat: It enables users to set up an office right next to the computer room in response to an emergency;

Users Comments

1.It well resolved the VDI Desktop access problem of up to 18 peripheral devices that are widely used in our industry, including the toughest one, the access of high-precision scanners;

2.The SDS Remote Financial Service Solution is valuable to us. It is readily available, easy to set up and scale up, backed with strong remote operating and maintenance service capacity, featuring quick response and fast problem solving. 


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Upgraded version iDESK Disaster Recovery Seat and Training Package

Fast-deployable iDESK Corporate Disaster Recovery Seat Package

From time to time anti-pandemic countermeasure training

Corporate Business Continuity Plan Training, ISO22301 Authentication Consultation & Training, as well as many other themed online training courses;