Fight Corona Virus, SDS in Action!


Currently, the whole nation is mobilized to fight against the corona-virus disease. SDS is no exception! Up to now, SDS has carefully planned and meticulously carried out a series of epidemic prevention actions according to the strictest public hygiene rules. With science, timeliness and legitimacy at the heart of all our actions, we have, in cooperation with our users, built an iron wall against the rampant disease on the basis of our fast communication services. It’s expected that our fast services could provide the leaders of the joint epidemic defense campaign with a strong foothold to make accurate decisions, take correct control actions, and hit the nail on the head when overcoming all difficulties! 

Among our epidemic defense actions, we opened a one-stop short-path service for

Public health institutions and medical supplies producers to maintain emergency communication for free; The specific actions include:

Free-of-charge Cloud computing resources and technical supports, e.g. Cloud servers, Cloud storage, etc;

Free-of-charge broadband resources and scalable speed-raising resources;

ndustries that are unable to restore production at full capacity due to the epidemic disease to maintain business operation; The specific actions include: 

400 hotline available for one-stop emergency capacity expansion and troubleshooting;
Free-of-charge tour-inspection and operation guarantee over user’s equipments inside SDS data centers
One-click fast bandwidth distribution for bursts and up-speeding situation, together with free-of-charge network monitoring support;
Free-of-charge on-site support during the entire quarantine period;

If your company is fighting against the corona-virus at the frontline, and if you need any help, please feel free to call us!

With indomitable confidence, joint efforts, scientific prevention measures, and dedicated doctors, nurses and professionals, we can and will win this war against the epidemic disease! 

SDS Service Hotline::400-820-7119

Watch out for each other and overcome difficulties together, SDS is with you!

In addition to the short-path, SDS launched a Novel Corona-Virus Disease Contingency Plan, to ensure the safe and smooth operation of all datacenter-related businesses at all operation nodes. Specifically, the actions include: 

1、Set up a contingency team to deal with emergencies。
2、Sterilize all public areas twice a day, including offices, computer zones, elevator rooms, washrooms, etc. Conduct environment control actions in all offices, e.g. timely remove all rubbish, spray antiseptic solution, etc; Picture: Cleaners sanitizing corridors in a data center; Cleaners sanitizing public areas in a data center;



3、Enhance disease prevention routines in data centers and user office zones; Set up a free mask table to ensure every visitor wears a mask before entering any data center;

4、The SDS will take body temperature of everyone entering/existing any SDS building; Any person who has a history of travelling in Hubei Province recently or shows an abnormal body temperature (Over 37.2℃) shall be stopped and detained until further instructions come from local CDC and Shanghai Municipal Health Commission;
5、Ensure all data centers have enough emergency materials, e.g. infrared thermometers, masks, disinfectant, antiseptic solution, hand sanitizers, etc. Ensure all supplies are timely replenished and used in conformity with usage instructions;
6、Tighten PPE waste control, i.e. all used masks and cotton swabs should be put into special rubbish bags, and, all such bags are handled separately by cleaners, and, all dustbins capped all the time;
7、Set up an Employee Travel Record in the Spring Festival table and work out a Backup Personnel Plan;

As one of the leading telecommunication service providers in China, we will do our best to set up an iron wall against the epidemic disease with our fullest preparation and dedication to guarantee the levels of our service availability and effectiveness in this special period of time. In addition to that, we are ready to provide industrial users playing a major role in this anti-virus campaign with any support required to cope with any burst of data transmission! If you are in need of such support, we are right here to give you free-of-charge speed-raising support at any time!

Relying on scientific prevention and control measures, faithful attentiveness to duties, timely help to each other in defense work, we can and will overcome difficulties together!