Notice | Postponement of Work Resumption


Dear Customers,


Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the Chinese Party Central Committee and the Chinese government had attached great importance to taking a series of strict measures to prevent and control.  To in line with the requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on strengthening the prevention and control of new-type coronavirus infection and pneumonia, and to ensure the continuous high-quality operation of business service in special periods, Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SDS ") has made the decision to  fully resum no earlier  than 24:00 on February 9th after consideration.


Epidemic prevention and control has become one of the most important tasks of SDS currently. While protecting the health of employees and visiting customers, SDS would multi-pronged and various measures will be taken to ensure the post-epidemic prevention work being carried out efficiently, so as to ensure safe and orderly operations of various services such as colocations and network communication services!


The specific measures are as follows:

1. SDS had established a special emergency working group to respond to various emergencies in time.

2. Improve service methods: enhancing the off-site remote service work. From January 31st to February 9th, the operation and maintenance team will be strengthened. For the financial institutions and enterprises whom would be openned on February 3rd, we will ensure synchronous operation and maintenance, key posts are implemented with dual posts and mutual prepartions. Under special circumstances, the standby staff shall arrive on time to ensure the normal operation and maintenance work.

3. Non-operation and maintenance personnel will conduct business via e-mail, telephone, WeChat and other possible methods to support the customers’ needs before the official notification of work resumption by the government.

4. Disinfect all public areas twice a day, including offices, colocation areas, the elevators, toilets, etc., daily environmental treatment will be performed in office areas. Garbage would be cleaned up timely , and disinfection water will be sprayed across the board for sterilization.

5. According to the requirements of the Shanghai Government, the resumption of work during this period needs to be recorded. If the colocation and BCP Seats need staffs to resume work, please do not arrange personnel those whom returning to Shanghai for the time being, and take the initiative to file for their place. Please take the initiative to submit relevant filing materials when entering the relevant areas.

6. For strengthen the prevention and control measures of the colocations and the BCP Seats, visitors are requested to wear face masks and show relevant certificates proactively in accordance with the emergency management measures. SDS will measure the real-time body temperature of the incoming and outgoing personnel. Those who have had close contact (e.g. dining or having a meeting) with people from Hubei or abnormal body temperature (over 37.2 ° C) are forbidden to enter IDX colos. SDS will assist in contacting medical institutions, and notify relevant units as required.

7. SDS will try the best to assist all customers to ensure business continuity under special circumstances. If you have any relevant requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Service Hotline:400-820-7119



We will continue to pay attention to the epidemic situation, and inform all customers of the progress and related arrangements, and will also provide relevant assistance to all customers in time! We SDS provide 7 * 24 hours service all along!


Under the current unusually difficult circumstances, your understanding and support will be much needed and highly appreciated!


At this moment, let us work together with the people of the country to overcome the difficulties and work together to overcome the epidemic!


Wish all customers a happy Chinese new year, healthy and safe!




    Shanghai Data Solution Co.,Ltd.

January 29, 2020