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  • Product engineer


    1.Product market research and analysis;
    2. Product definition and design;
    3. Product development process management;
    4. Product publicity;
    5. Product life cycle management;
    6. Other tasks assigned by the leadership.

    Job qualifications:

    1.Bachelor degree or above through National College Entrance Examination (NCEE)
    2.Two years or above relevant work experience, preferred with experience in the same industry or same position;
    3.Master mainstream cloud products and related technologies, and capable of implementing configuration;
    4.Good organizational coordination ability and communication competence, preferred with experience in project management;
    5.Basic knowledge of computer and electronic circuits, preferred with the background of science and engineering education;
    6.Excellent documentation capabilities;
    7.Literacy skills in English and Japanese, preferred with fluency in oral Japanese.

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  • Senior IP network engineer


    1.In charge of the daily operation and maintenance management of the IP network, including but not limited to the network inspection, backup, emergency plan, topology and other related work processes, as well as norm-setting and implementation;
    2. In charge of the incident response of the managed network, capable of quick troubleshooting, formulate solutions, and in charge of fault repairing;
    3. In charge of the formulation and implementation of the optimized solution for the managed network structure;
    4. In charge of responding to the professional needs of internal and external customers;
    5. Handle user line service report failures.

    Job qualifications:

    1.Two years or above experience in network operation and maintenance;
    2.Proficient in TCP/IP and OSI network models, as well as the principles and troubleshooting of network protocols such as OSPF and BGP;
    3.Familiar with network equipment operations of mainstream vendors such as Cisco, Huawei, and H3C;
    4.Familiar with application of commonly used operation and maintenance monitoring systems such as Solarwinds and Zabbix;
    5.Preferred with CCIE or HCIE certifications;
    6.Strong sense of responsibility, sensitive to technology with forward-looking, willing to constantly understand and learn the latest industry knowledge.

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  • Service delivery manager


    1.In charge of providing professional services (during the sales, after-sales, etc.) to key customers of the company;

    2.Satisfy, handle and support the daily work requirements of key customers;

    3.Maintain good relationship between the company and key customers;

    4.Represent key customers to handle related matters within the company;

    5.Help the company to explore & develop key customers, and assist the smooth development and implementation of the customer's business within the company;

    6.Cooperate with the company's operations department to ensure the smooth operation of the daily business of key customers.

    Job qualifications:

    1. College degree or above, majored in computer communication and other IT related fields;

    2. Preferred with experience in related industries such as operators, data centers, and system integration;

    3. Good English communication skills (including fluent in oral English, preferred with CET6, BEC intermediate and other related certificates);

    4. Preferred with relevant qualification certificates (such as CDCP, DCDA, ITIL, PMP, Prince2, CCNP, etc.);

    5. Good appearance and a certain degree of resistance to stress;

    6. Strong teamwork spirit and good professional ethics.

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  • Operation and maintenance engineer:


    1. Accept and handle the customer's jumper application request;

    2. Implement the jumper and test between the telecom equipment room and the self-used zone to ensure the jumper line unimpeded;

    3. In charge of assisting the test and the jumper of wiring between cabinets of the customer, as well as putting the equipment on the rack;

    4. Sign and accept the finished work list;

    5. In charge of entertaining customers to visit the data center, and introducing to customers the relevant hardware information and services in the data center;

    6. In charge of accepting the customer's visit application to ensure that the maintenance applied for successfully can be implemented at the venue on schedule;

    7. Understand customer needs and introduce other services to customers;

    8. Conduct statistics on the billing consumables used by customers;

    9. Prepare the corresponding equipment based on the customer's application request;

    10. Accept and handle remote operation application request of the customer;

    11. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

    Job qualifications:

    1. Education background: College degree or above, majored in computer or communications.

    2. Training experience: Preferred with those who have been trained in CCNA, CCNP and other network aspects.

    3. Experience: One year or above working experience in data center.

    4. Abilities and skills::

    (1) Familiar with the network protocol such as TCP/IP and the implementation procedures of telecommunication related specifications;

    (2) Familiar with CISCOM, 3COM routers, switches, access devices, network management software and MODEM;

    (3) Familiar with the application and installation of various software, hardware firewalls and well-known software security tools;

    (4) Good level of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

    5. Manner:

    (1) Excellent communication skills, cheerful personality, quick-wittedness, flexibility and adaptability;

    (2) Strong work initiative, patience and meticulousness, and responsibility;

    (3) Good team spirit and strong communication skills;

    (4) Strong learning ability, good at analyzing and thinking about problems;

    (5) Clear thinking and strong independence with teamwork spirit.

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  • Monitoring service engineer


    1. Accept and handle customer service requests and follow up the progress and results in real time;

    2. In charge of monitoring and responding to service networks such as IP networks, transmission networks, and data centers;

    3. In charge of customer notification and process monitoring of various business changes of the operation and maintenance team;

    4. Implement the tasks assigned by the leadership.

    Job qualifications:

    1. College degree or above, majored in related fields;

    2. Understand the viewing and configuration commands of various mainstream network devices (such as CISCO, H3C, Huawei), preferred with relevant vendor certifications;

    3. Understand the viewing and configuration methods of mainstream transmission network equipment (such as Huawei, ZTE, Resconda, WDM), preferred with relevant vendor certifications;

    4. Certain level of English literacy skills, preferred with oral English communication skills;

    5. Preferred with work experience in the communications industry and data center industry;

    6. This position requires work in shifts (7*24).

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  • Cloud computing operation and maintenance engineer


    1. Research and implementation of KVM virtualization technology optimization;

    2. Research and implementation of cloud computing management platform based on OpenStack;

    3. Evaluation, capacity planning and implementation of the game business migration to the cloud computing architecture;

    4. Cloud computing monitoring and automation platform construction;

    5. In charge of the construction, deployment, operation and maintenance, and operation support of the game cloud operation and maintenance system.

    Job qualifications:

    1. College degree or above, majored in computer related fields, with one year or above relevant work experience;

    2. Familiar with OpenStack architecture and OpenStack source code, including computing, storage, network, interface and other components;

    3. Familiar with Python/C/BASH language, with Python development experience;

    4. Solid technical foundation, familiar with the Linux operating system and Linux environment programming;

    5. Familiar with VMware/KVM/Docker virtualization and container technology;

    6. Familiar with open source storage technologies. such as Cinder, Swift, and Ceph;

    7. Familiar with SDN related technologies;

    8. Experience in project development, operation and maintenance of cloud computing, preferred with large-scale implementation experience;

    9. Capable of solving problems independently, fast learning ability, good communication skills, and work initiatively.

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  • Client manager


    1. Conduct effective customer management and communication, understand and analyze customer needs, and make program planning;

    2. Collect accounts receivable;

    3. Implement sales and marketing plan & sales targets;

    4. Develop channel strategies and provide channel service support;

    5. Communicate with customers in a timely manner, feedback market information, and suggest handling opinions;

    6. Develop and maintain good customer relationships;

    7. Other tasks assigned by the head of department.

    Job qualifications:

    1. College degree or above, majored in marketing fields;

    2. Two years or above of experience in sales work;

    3. Preferred with the fluency in oral English;

    4. Good channel sales management and teamwork spirit;

    5. Preferred with the sales background in relevant communication industry.

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