Tagline: High Standards, High Stability, High Safeguard, Green-Tech & Energy-Saving, High Availability, High Security

  • Designed according to Tier4 Standards, Started operating since 2018;
  • Housed in a separate 3-floor building, offering 6,800 m2 floor area in total;
  • Level 7 seismic fortification intensity ensured;
  • 99.995% power SLA guaranteed;
  • All-year 7*24 Service Desk standing by;

Power Supply System:


  • A full redundancy power supply system based on GE overall solution;
  • Two 3750KVA power supply lines, linked to Two different power plants, separately connected into Two distribution cabinets located at the Two sides of the SH4;
  • 2N power supply plus UPS units in isolated configuration, with host machine isolated from battery packs, to secure system stability;
  • 30 minutes full load UPS operation solely powered by battery packs;
  • 2+1 backup outdoor diesel power generators;
  • 12-hour full load operation of diesel generators ensured by underground oil tank;


 Cooling System: 


  • CANATAL high precision air-conditioners specially designed for computer rooms;
  • Built according to the latest international DC construction standards, Design Specifications on Electronic Information Computer Rooms (GB50174);
  • 1KW~1.5KW cooling capacity per square meter ensured by every air-conditioner safeguarded with double-compressors and double-power-supply configuration;
  • Water-cooling down-draft ventilation design, with cold air ducts isolated from hot air ducts, to improve cooling effectiveness and energy utilization rate;


Fire Protection System: 


  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) secured;
  • IG541 environment-friendly fire-suppressant gas;
  • Fire Protection System integrated in local area fire protection system;


Security System: 

  • Validity of every entrance into the IDX is ensured with airport-level metal detectors and X-ray security inspection unit;
  • Access authority secured with a special Identity Authentication & Registration System;
  • Validity of every operation carried out by any visitor is ensured with access control system and video surveillance system in every zone;
  • ID verification in special zones is ensured with biological recognition system, e.g. palm-print scanner;
  • Security in special areas powered by RFID technologies;
  • Basic security systems integrated in the overall local area security system;
  • All doors/exits under the monitoring of access control and video surveillance systems;