Independently Developed, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud Connection, High Security, High Stability

  • Cloud Servers

    As the core of SDS Cloud computing products, the SDS Cloud servers offer scalable computing services, create required server instances anytime in line with users’ instruction according to business needs, and provide users with such flexible operations on the Cloud servers as Disk Capacity Expansion, Bandwidth Increase, etc. When a Cloud server is no longer needed, the user may easily release the server resources. The Cloud server resources is made up of such fundamental computing modules as CPU, internal memory, operating system, disc, bandwidth, etc. Together with the server instance you created, you will get the administrator privileges over it, enabling you to use and manage the instance at all times.

  • Virtual Private Cloud

    Designed to help users create isolated virtual network environment with greatest ease possible, the Virtual Private Cloud will enable to have complete control over his virtual network, including the application for flexible bandwidth/IP, subnet creation, DHCP configuration, security group setup, etc. 

  • Load Balancing

    It will automatically allocate visiting traffic to multiple Cloud servers, scale up the external service capacity of relevant applications, and realize higher level application fault tolerance. 

  • Cloud Block Storage

    Based on distributed architecture, the Cloud Block Storage offers scalable virtual block storage services. Just like using traditional server hard discs, a user may run many operations on the Cloud discs mounted on Cloud servers, e.g. disc formatting, file system creating, and persistent storage, etc. Also, users may use it to provide the host with block level original storage devices, including Cloud block storage, Virtual SAN, NAS block storage and backup snapshot. 

  • Cloud Backup

    It’s designed to help users to create a backup for the Cloud block storage and roll back Cloud block storage with backup data, to safeguard the security and correctness of user data to the maximum extent, and thereby ensure user’s business security. 

  • Cloud Watch Service

    It’s designed to offer users with a multi-dimensional surveillance platform over elastic Cloud servers, bandwidth and other resources, so that the user many have a precise view over product resources status via real-time warning, noticing, individualized charts and statements. 

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