Cloud services

  • CIYE ECloud

    It’s a great Cloud platform arisen from excellent deep integration and secondary development of advantageous cloud computing technologies by re-innovating on the basis of open-sources technologies, including OpenStack, Kubernetes and Opencontrail; Particularly, it features physical resources isolation, offering users private resource pools, and, consequently, undisturbed performance, as well as safe and rule-complied operations. Especially, it’s designed to help enterprises, governmental authorities, financial institutions and other customers roll out their strategic transformation and strategic stretch in an easier and faster way.

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  • CIYE XCloud

    Positioned itself as an enterprise-level, hosted, private Cloud service, it can be used as a hosted public Cloud or a mixed-deployment Cloud, or used for providing Cloud management services and VDI services. Based on the world most advanced VMware vSphere technologies (Server Virtualization Technology), it offers users with ESXi servers, DataStore support, network connection, and vCenter servers, whit all management authorities opened for users. 

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  • CIYE Connect

    Having SDN technologies as its core and based on extensive coverage over underlying networks, it is designed to offer enterprise users with such supports as Data-center Cloud Interconnection, Cloud-Cloud connection, as well as other diversified cloud interconnection services. 

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