CIYE Connect

Full Key Clouds Coverage, Smart Traffic Scheduling, Network Isolation, High Quality, All-year 7*24 O&M

Using a self-developed SDN as our general platform architecture, taking Freedom, Fast, Flexibility and Security as our core values, it’s designed to help our customers create a visualized, smart, highly efficient innovative value-added business mode. It guarantees a 10-second service opening, whole-process automation, elastic scheduling, elastic management, elastic billing, as well as visualized smart management.

  • Cloud Network Ecosystem

    Cover all key Cloud operators in China, e.g. AWS, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud, MS Cloud, etc.

  • Elastic Bandwidth and Elastic Billing

    Scale down capacity in real time according to your bandwidth requirements; On-demand connection in accordance with an On-demand Payment Structure; Offering the greatest possible flexibility and scalability and the best possible satisfaction of company needs; 

  • Fast Deployment

    Whole-process self-help operation, with all fragments of manual operations integrated and all review and approval process of Cloud expressway application simplified, to offer users an easy Cloud connection experience.